Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Seventy Nine Days!

Finally! After 79 days of being on land, being on the hard, and being held hostage by a broken travelift, we are sailing again. (Still working on our sea legs though.)

We just turned past Cabo San Juan at the northeast corner of Puerto Rico. We drove out to visit this lighthouse Saturday, but it's closed on weekends, so we'll have to be happy with this photo.
After we launched yesterday morning we had to set up the boat for sailing again. That meant reconnecting the backstay (which had to be removed for haul out), running the sheets, inflating the dinghy, testing the outboard motor, and putting all the tools and supplies away. Then we went to the grocery store, which takes three hours here, had dinner, and went to bed early in preparation for our 8:00am departure.

And we couldn't be having a nicer re-introduction to cruising; the conditions are perfect and we are scooting along at 7 kts downwind. I'm thinking the fresh bottom paint is helping our speed.

It's good to be back.

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