Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Re-adjusting to Boat Life & Puerto Rico

Since we've arrived back in Puerto Rico we have re-stocked the boat, arranged for a haul out, cleaned the joker valve (I know, TMI), removed the generator's fuel injection pump and taken it to San Juan to be repaired, visited La Ola Tapas Bar twice, and purchased three gallons of bottom paint. It probably doesn't seem like much, but it has taken some walking, several phone calls, some wrenching, a rental car, and lots of patience because things don't happen down here like they do back in the States.

We know Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, but it's not quite the same. Even though we see familiar stores, nothing is done like it is back home. For instance, all the produce comes prepackaged in these annoying Styrofoam trays and only when you get home do you find a little rot here and there. It's not just tomatoes, it's squash, bell peppers, broccoli, etc.

And it's all been refrigerated on its journey from the States, so it never ripens correctly. Honestly, I don't know what these people eat here.

We paid a "Deja Vu" visit to Home Depot and tried to use the restrooms, but they were being remodeled. After checking out we found these porta-potties in the parking lot. They were undoubtedly the fanciest porta-potties I had ever seen; all solid surfacing and cherry paneling. Whoa!

And last but not least, we are in a rain forest again and the nights are alive with the sounds of frogs and bugs and who knows what else chirping their hearts out.

And the sidewalk we take to walk to the marine store it covered with lizards. They scurry before use, trying to get back to the safety of the shrubs on the marina side. There are hundreds of them living along that sidewalk, and I'm just sure I'll step on one someday. 

Early in the morning we see large iguanas on the dock sunning themselves. They aren't as large as the ones we saw in La Cruz, Mexico, but they are sure fun to see up close.

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