Monday, February 22, 2016

Treasure Hunt at Jolly Harbour

We had a delightful day yesterday with members of the Jolly Harbour Yacht Club. They had a treasure hunt that took place around the harbor and surrounding neighborhood. There are fingers of land in the harbor with condominiums along them and most of the hunt was along those fingers.

We had to drive around following the instructions and gathering answers to obscure questions. The streets have security gates with guards and we had a little problem getting into them, but we somehow talked our way in.

We were worried that lots of "local knowledge" would be required, but thankfully there was only one question like that and we got real close on it, but still got it wrong.

The final question led us to a beach area where they had set up a picnic. After a nice barbecue and salads, the papers were scored and we had the highest score! We were so surprised and pleased to win two bottles of wine. And what a great way to spend a Sunday.

Thank you so much Jolly Harbour Yacht Club. 

Early tomorrow we are off to St. Kitts, about 50 miles to the East. I don't know where we will find Internet, but I'll try to post something soon.

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Anonymous said...

Is it sunrise or sunset? I'ts beautiful