Monday, February 8, 2016

Thistles, Birds, Lizards, and Thorns

Using my cell phone for all my photos has some distinct advantages (small, light, direct uploads to Facebook and Blogger), but it has some distinct disadvantages too. The biggest problem is trying to see the screen in bright daylight. I often have only a vague idea of picture quality and don't get the full effect until we arrive back at the boat and I view and edit the photos in subdued lighting.

I usually have a few surprises, but I was stunned by the photo of the thistles above. I couldn't believe the quality of the photo. This phone's camera just continues to amaze me. I was so pleased to get this great photo of our boat's namesake. Thank you Samsung.

I also got this nice photo of a bananaquit feeding on a flower. Their nickname is sugar bird and they are often seen in bars and restaurants perched on abandoned drink glasses.

And I had to take this guy's photo because he was making a nuisance of himself and literally posing for me as I took the thistle photo.

And then I couldn't pass up this unusual plant with its bright green leaves and orange thorns. Does anyone know what this is?

Edited: This plant is related to potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant. Here's some info on it.

Your naturalist sure sees some interesting flora and fauna here in the Caribbean.

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