Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday Hike to Fort Berkeley

All over the Caribbean we have found that Sundays are truly a day of rest. Virtually all stores are closed and even a good restaurant is hard to find so we have taken to swimming or hiking on Sundays. Not exactly a "rest", but we enjoy it.

Yesterday we began our hike at the dinghy dock behind the mega yachts. A good trail leads right out to Fort Berkley and Middle Ground where you can see for miles.

At Fort Berkeley we overlooked the Freeman' Bay anchorage. Our boat is just above the building on the end of the point.
We also found the magazine that could hold 300 barrels of gunpowder.
Malcolm was impressed with this old cannon. He really wanted to see it fired.
We had a strenuous hike, typical for our day of rest.

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