Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trafalgar Falls

Every excursion we do starts with a dinghy ride, then a walk, then a bus ride. After the dinghy ride, today's trip took us past the President's Office, then a neat old church,
then the Ruins Rock Cafe,
and finally to a bus/taxi called Shaper. The buses are Toyota 15 passenger vans like we've seen in so many Caribbean islands, but they seem to be more decorated here.

Dominica is known as the Nature Island and our drive up to Trafalgar Falls illustrated why. Not only is the island steep, rugged, and covered in tropical jungle, but it is sparsely populated. The views out across the craggy peaks were spectacular.

Upon reaching Trafalgar Falls we joined the throng of cruise ship passengers and headed down the trail, enveloped in a thousand different shades of green and the cool quiet of the jungle.

When we arrived at the falls we were amused to see a sign that said "Do Not Proceed Beyond This Point" and then see that that's where everyone was! I'm sure they have to at least suggest that you shouldn't climb across the rocks to the water, but of course, everyone did it anyway.

Above is Mother (75' tall) and below is Father (125' tall). They were very nice falls, but being from California and seeing the falls in Yosemite makes other falls pale in comparison.

When we got back to town we ate lunch at Le Cafe Desiderata. It's in a nicely renovated old building and they have a serene decor and a creative international menu. The food and service were both great and it wasn't very expensive.

Pollyanna (in her rose colored glasses) and Saint Malcolm had another wonderful day.
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