Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Aching Feet

I like to walk and sometimes cruisers don't have the opportunity to walk much so I enjoy walking when we get ashore. However, the last three days we have walked a lot. Maybe even too much for me.

Sunday's walk was up a very steep road to the statue of the Virgin Mary that sits on a hill overlooking the harbor. It was nice though, because we took a picnic lunch and the adults had a nice rest while the kids played after lunch.

Monday's walk was to the distillery and back which is maybe three miles each way. It was a long hot walk uphill again, but with no lunch break. The restaurant at the distillery was closed and when we got back to town it was too late to eat at a restaurant because they close at three.

Yesterday we wanted to visit the Paul Gaugin Museum just south of town. We tried to find a taxi, but couldn't, so we dropped into a bar to ask how far it was. We made a new friend there named Jean Pierre who spoke excellent English. He told us we could easily walk to the museum so we did and the views along the coast road were spectacular, but the museum was closed.

And so my feet are aching and I think I'll stick to swimming tomorrow.

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