Thursday, January 14, 2016

Roseau, Dominica

After a lovely fast sail from Martinique yesterday, we arrived in Roseau, Dominica and were greeted by Desmond from Sea Cat Tours. He showed us to a mooring buoy where we spent a very restful night.

This morning I got up early and took this photo for my 31 Days of Sunrise Challenge. SunSETS are easy and colorful here because our view to the West is unobstructed, but sunRISES are not so easy. I was delighted with the colorful photo I got this morning because most of my sunrise photos lately have been rather lackluster.

Early this morning we went to Customs to check in. We had been warned to arrive early because a cruise ship would be arriving at 9:00 and Customs would be unavailable after that. We had an easy check in, paid our $15, and proceeded to explore the town.

There's a lovely old church that's being restored. In fact many buildings are quite old and interesting not only historically, but architecturally.
Here is their World War I Memorial.

Charming restaurant in another old building.

One of my favorite sights was the Flamboyant Hotel. It's just so Caribbean! Add the hustle and bustle of hundreds of cruise ship passengers, taxi drivers and tour guides everywhere, and music being blasted out onto the streets, and we had a truly Caribbean experience this morning. Some cruisers don't like it when cruise ships are in town, but I think it's kind of fun. As long as you don't try to go to one of the popular attractions which will be mobbed.

Dinghy parking isn't easy here. We parked at the recommended dock (the Fort Young Hotel), but the surge was so bad that we had to use two lines to keep the dinghy from banging into the dock, and getting on and off the boat wasn't easy. Timing was all important when stepping from boat to steps, but we made it okay. We rarely use water taxis, but in this town, maybe it would be a good idea.

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