Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pigeon Island

There is an old fort on Pigeon Island here in Rodney Bay. You can see its remains in the photo above. The other day we went for a walk there. If you park your dinghy at the "Jambe de Bois" restaurant which is inside the park, you simply walk over to the entrance gate, pay the fee, and you're free to walk all over the park.

It's quite a steep walk to the top, but once there you are rewarded with a 360 degree view. Most days you can see Martinique off to the North. One can see why this fort proved so important in the historic sea battles of this area. Above, you see the man-made causeway that now connects Pigeon Island with the rest of St. Lucia. 
There are some old cannons and the old magazine is still there too.
Our boat is out there somewhere.

Back down on the grounds of the national park, there are ruins of the old barracks, the officers' barracks, kitchens, and other support buildings.

St. Lucia has been a very enjoyable place to visit.

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