Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Leapers Hill

Yesterday's shore excursion took us to the north end of Grenada and Leapers Hill. This is the spot where, over 350 years ago, a handful of Caribs leaped to their deaths rather than surrender to the French.
One must walk through a cemetery to get to the precipice. Rather fitting, isn't it?

This is the gorgeous view from the edge. We could see Ronde Island, Carriacou (our next destination), and Petite Martinique.

That's an interesting detail about Caribbean sailing that is so different from all the other sailing we've done: you can usually see your next destination before you set sail.

On our way back to our boat we passed this Carriacou Sloop which offers cruises for the tourists. It was built on the Island of Carriacou about ten years ago using traditional methods. The cruise also serves snacks and drinks using locals products. We hope to see some of these boats being built when we get to Carriacou. 


Anonymous said...

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Laura Fortune said...

Glad you are enjoying the posts. Just keep experimenting. You'll get it.