Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Breakfast Tradition

We have a tradition in our family of serving Eggs Benedict for breakfast on Christmas morning. I don't remember our parents doing this, so I guess it's something Malcolm and I started. No matter where we are or what the situation, we make a point to do this. Not only are Eggs Benedict delicious, but they stick to your ribs and see you through until dinner.

Although I had to make my own English Muffins and we couldn't find Canadian Bacon, we managed to have Eggs Benedict here on the boat in St. Lucia.

It didn't quite compare to these that I made back in 2007...
or these that we had in 2008 at the cabin in the snow, but they were pretty good nonetheless.

Another Christmas tradition is gifts, of course. Malcolm must have been a very good boy this year because Santa gave him an expensive gift. It's a $200 bumper that came floating by about 8:00am. (No name, no logo, looks like flotsam to me.) Malcolm says, "Thank you Santa!"


Anonymous said...

Christmas 2015 has come and gone
what's to say but move along
2016 is soon to be
smile and live happy joyous and free

Laura Fortune said...

Thank you, same to you Anonymous.