Monday, November 9, 2015

The Cartophile Finds A Way

Since Bonaire is a diver's paradise, the Tourist Information Center gives away maps which include the dive sites. Above you see a portion of the map. Unfortunately, they aren't too accurate. It probably isn't an issue if you are driving to the sites because there are bright yellow rocks with the names of the dives positioned along the roadway. However, if you are taking your dinghy to the dive sites, an accurate map is a must.

Last night I was searching for more dives close to our boat because long dinghy rides in the chop aren't much fun. I discovered some that sounded good and tried to find them on the map. It was so frustrating! I finally remembered Wikimapia, and "Bingo!" There they were accurately marked on the satellite image maps.

If you compare the paper map to the Wiki map, you see big differences. Something Special isn't even shown on the correct side of the marina entrance! And Jerry's Reef and Just A Nice Dive aren't in the correct place either! All that just drives this cartophile crazy, because first and foremost, A MAP SHOULD SHOW WHERE THINGS REALLY ARE!

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