Thursday, November 26, 2015

Camp Grenada

A few years back boat insurance companies declared that anywhere below 12 degrees North latitude would be safe during the Caribbean hurricane season which is from June to October. Wouldn't you know it? Grenada is just below 12 degrees! Consequently hundreds of boats hang out down here or in Trinidad waiting for the hurricane season to be over so they can resume their wanderings in the Caribbean. The yachtie community has gotten so established down here that folks call it "Camp Grenada". I guess we have joined the camp because we are right in the middle of it here in Prickly Bay. Every day there are announcements for activities like yoga, tai chi, arts and crafts, dominos, chess, etc. There are daily bus trips to places like the grocery store, hardware store, open air vegetable market, and chandlery. Some boats have been here for YEARS! I don't think we will end up doing that, but who knows?
The anchorage at Prickly Bay, Grenada

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