Monday, November 16, 2015

A Trip To Van den Tweel's

We stopped by Van den Tweel's supermarket this afternoon and I took a few photos to show you our shopping dilemma. The pictures on the boxes help a lot, but some things are just mysterious!
Above you see what could be cookies, but look carefully. See the picture of cheese? These are "Assorted Puff Pastry Cheese Biscuits".

Above is "Sliced Smooth Gingerbread Whole Wheat". Gingerbread toast?
This ones easy; it's pancakes. You add 800 ml milk and 2 eggs.
This is a "Potato-Leek Soup Meal" but you have to add a "small leek, a medium sized potato, and 50g of ham pieces".
Another easy one; "Wild Pink Salmon".
And another easy one; "Green Tea - A Conscious Choice".
We picked up this sauce packet because there is a lot of cauliflower here and it looked good. When I got back to the boat I Googled it and it's a "Curry Cream Sauce". The label says it's "Yummy on Cauliflower" so I'm sure we will like it, but I had to translate the instructions which were thankfully simple: "Whisk the contents of this packet with 250ml of cold milk in a pan. Bring to a boil. Simmer for a few minutes. Serve".
And wouldn't you know it; they had no Rundervinken today. The meat counter lady said maybe tomorrow, so we will be going back because we are stocking up the boat again for our passage to Grenada. There is a sweet weather window starting Wednesday and lasting until Sunday. Perfect.

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