Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tourists in Panama City

It's been a busy few days since Allie arrived. We have not only finished up our paperwork to get legally checked into the country, but we have also seen a few sights and reprovisioned the boat.
We walked through the BioMuseo and not only admired the striking architecture, but also this old Magnolia tree with its huge network of aerial roots.
We visited the Miraflores Locks one afternoon and watched the amazingly fast process of two ships being lowered down to the level of the Pacific Ocean.
We took a little walk through the Parque Natural Metropolitano and saw a toucan, some Jesus lizards, turtles, and lots of smaller birds.
We visited Casco Viejo and learned a little about the rich history of Panama. This old section of Panama is a wild blend of crumbling, squatter-filled buildings, historical sites and plazas, beautiful renovated buildings and trendy coffee houses, and souvenir shops selling Panama hats, molas, sundresses, and trinkets.


We have driven all over town including across the Bridge of the Americas and the Centennial Bridge, somehow finding our way in this throbbing mass of confusion that the Panamanians call traffic.
Now we plan to sail out to some nearby islands and enjoy some quiet time just swimming and lazing around. We will not have Internet again until Sunday, but will check in again then.

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