Sunday, May 10, 2015

At the Balboa Yacht Club

So here we are just off the channel on the approach to the Panama Canal; "Crossroads of the World". There is a constant parade of ships making their way in and out of the first set of locks which are barely four miles away.
Coming from a deep water ship port as we do, we are used to having ships close by and we enjoy watching them, but here in Panama there are scores of them making their way in, anchored on both sides of the channel, and making their way out towards the Pacific Ocean.
They seem to enter the locks in groups and early this morning we had no trouble timing our crossing of the channel between ships going in and ships going out. After calling "canal approach" we simply stuck to the far right and enjoyed the spectacle as we made our way to the Balboa Yacht Club.
(You can Google panama canal webcams and watch ships going through the locks.)

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