Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Jungle Tour

We thought we would check out of Costa Rica and be on our way today, but the Customs Office was closed today for some unfathomable reason, so we will go back tomorrow and try it again. I am so sick of this paperwork.....
So after lunch we decided to go on a little walk in the rain forest. There is a steep road above the town where you can see beautiful views of the bay and perhaps monkeys and toucans.
This photo gives you an idea of the scale of the rain forest. The trees are quite tall and the terrain is steep.
We did in fact have an amazing view of the bay. Below you can see the pass we entered when we sailed into Golfito Bay.
We saw some fiery billed aracari, a type of toucan. And lots of ferns, but no monkeys. Even though it was terribly hot, we enjoyed our tour of the rain forest.

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