Monday, May 26, 2014

The Monumental Cockpit Renovation

This whole project started on March 20th with replacing the cable lifelines from the gates to the push-pit with stainless tubing. Then on April 7th we went to the canvas shop and got a new dodger and bimini.

When we got back, we sterned the boat in and we have been working like crazy to address all the issues in the cockpit area. And I think we are finally done!

Here is what we have done:
1-Removed and replaced the corroded steering idler. The new chain and cable have yet to arrive.

2-Removed and replaced all the teak seats and flooring.

3-Repainted and re-installed the pedestal.

4-Installed a hawsepipe and divider in the aft lazarette to create an anchor locker.

5-Repaired the propane locker drain.

6-Restored the engine panel.

7-Built and installed a bridge deck/storage locker.

8-Stripped and re-varnished the cap rail, combing pads, and companionway trim.

9-Made hinged doors to replace the drop boards. We have to get more varnish on these before we install them.

10-Stripped and re-varnished the cockpit table.

11-Replaced the teak on the saloon hatchway.

12-Revealed our HIN under three layers of paint.

As soon as the steering chain and cable arrive next week, we can start our next big project which is removing the mast, getting rid of the in-the-mast furling, and replacing all the standing rigging. The sails have already been ordered and hopefully it will all come together by the end of July.