Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bridge Deck

Here is our new "bridge deck" that the Captain installed yesterday. He made it out of 1/8" aluminum, painted it to match the cockpit, and put the same teak decking on it as the rest if the cockpit.

It will serve several purposes. Firstly, it would prevent massive amounts of water from going below if the cockpit was pooped. Secondly, it will provide a perfect night watch seat under the dodger and yet close to helm. Thirdly, it will provide dry, easily accessible storage in the cockpit. And lastly, (and most importantly) it will provide more seating for parties!

It does add one more step when going below, but I think it's worth it. Luckily, it matches the angle and rise of the steps pretty well.

Here it is open. We still need a latch for it, but I'm already planning what to store in it. I'm thinking binoculars, hats, gloves, sunscreen, books, charts, bird guides, winch handles, sail gaskets, camera, phone, etc.

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