Friday, May 30, 2014

Leather Wheel Cover

We got the chain/cable part for the steering system yesterday and installed it. We also put the fittings back on the aft cap rail, so this morning we took the boat out of the harbor to test everything and then came back and "nosed" in.

When we were sterned in, we met nearly all our dock neighbors as they walked up and down the dock. It's really very sociable to be sterned in. Unfortunately, our boat is too fat for this slip and our hull has paid the price. It is all scuffed up from rubbing against the dock in the wind. I think we have spread the fingers enough to nose in without rubbing, but sterning in just doesn't work well.

This afternoon I sewed the leather wheel cover on that we ordered from Edson. It looks pretty good, but I wasn't entirely happy with it.
I did this locking stitch and it looks great if all the holes are lined up.....
Unfortunately, the holes are not consistent, so I had to skip holes in a few places to keep the stitches even. One would think that for $180.00, you would get a little scrap of leather with consistent holes! Damn, the marine industry is frustrating sometimes.

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