Friday, April 4, 2014

Tired Old Windlass

The captain wanted to service the windlass so for two days we struggled to remove it. Apparently it was bedded with some impressive goop, because we had to cut it off with the Sawzall. It was all good fun wedged into the chain locker doing that.

Here is the pile of parts we ended up with:
After disassembling the windlass we discovered severe corrosion on some important thingie. (These photos were taken after the grease was removed and the corroded parts had been bead-blasted.)

Since the windlass is 23 years old, parts are no longer available. We had a machine shop quote making a new part, but that amounted to half the cost of a new windlass, so we ordered a new one.
The motor didn't look too good either, so it's a good thing we decided to replace the entire windlass.

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