Monday, April 28, 2014

New Teak in the Cockpit

So you may have noticed that our teak in the cockpit looks quite worn. It is 23 years old and has probably been sanded several times.

The captain decided now would be the time to replace it; after all, we have the helm torn out and that doesn't happen very often. So he stripped out all the old teak and ordered custom milled pieces.

We have been fitting them onto the seats, floor, and lazarette hatches. We are duplicating the pattern from before with strips outlining each section, and parallel strips filling in the center.

We are using West Systems epoxy as shown on this website. We have actually done two of the hatches and are pleased with the results. Hopefully, we will have it all done by next weekend so we can re-install the helm.

This is how it looks after gluing the wood down. When it dries, the screws will be removed and more epoxy added to fill the cracks. Then after that dries, it will be sanded smooth, the edges will be cleaned up, and the wood will be oiled.

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