Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anchor Chain End-For-End

Today's task was to remove all the anchor chain, measure it, mark it, end-for-end it, clean the chain locker, and then put it all back.

We've anchored several times, but never really knew what the red marks meant, so we just estimated how much chain we had out.

Now we know we have 250' of 3/8" BBB. (We think it was marked in 10 meter intervals because the old red marks were about 33' apart.) We wire brushed most of the old paint off and re-marked it with one red mark at 50', two red marks at 100', three red marks at 150', etc.

The last little job is to put a swivel at the anchor because when you are anchored out you frequently swing all the way around which puts twists in the chain. In fact, our chain was all twisted up and I sat in the chain locker for quite a while untwisting it while Malcolm pulled it out onto the dock. Hopefully, a swivel will solve that issue.

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