Saturday, July 13, 2013

Servicing the Engine

We had all kinds of fun this afternoon. We had several issues with the engine and got started by removing the oil and antifreeze. Then we removed three belts and all the hoses. The hoses were all 20 years old so it really needed to be done. When we removed the big engine exhaust hose we found that it was actually cracked! Thank goodness it didn't fail while we were motoring home last week.
Here's the front of the engine which is really the back of the engine because its got a V-drive. You can just see the Captain's ear on the left. He is laying on the starboard quarter berth loosening hose clamps. 
Here is my view from the port lazarette. Near my knee at the lower right is the 220 volt inverter and at the top is the HVAC duct to the aft cabin. All this machinery is great until you need to work on the engine, then it's just horrible! But somehow I weaseled into that little area behind the engine and removed the belts, drained the coolant, and removed three hoses. 

The next step is to clean the engine, replace all the hoses and belts and ignore it for another 20 years!

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