Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Picking Away

Look at that crazy woman up there. Who in their right mind would use a toilet brush, a headlamp, and a screwdriver on a project? Well, I've found that the toilet brush (combined with some degreaser)  is perfect for scrubbing out the bilges and dirty corners under the engine. The screwdriver is for removing hose clamps and zip ties so I can clean under them, and the headlamp illuminates all those dark dirty corners.

But frankly, she doesn't look to BE in her right mind. I think this is because just when we think we are ready to start putting things BACK, we find another bunch of messy, unused, or poorly routed wires and cables. So we tear them out, clean them up, and re-route them as necessary.

Here's an example: for three weeks we have been working around this thing. It sat right behind the main engine making access to hoses and belts very difficult. It's a 220v converter for when you want to plug into European shore power and have it brought down to 110v. We thought we might use it, but then we started having second thoughts, and finally we decided that we should remove it. Surely there is a smaller, lighter, more user friendly unit available now.

So last night we unbolted it and lifted it out of the lazarette using a snatch block off the boom. It says on the placard that it weighs 122 lbs, but I think it weighs lots more. I'm just glad we got it out and on the dock without dropping it through the bottom of the boat or into the water. Does anyone want to buy this thing?

Oh, the skill saw did the trick on the battery shelf. And yes, there was another hose clamp under the battery shelf. Who in their right mind would fiberglass a shelf over a hose clamp? Well, as a crazed boat worker myself, I think I can understand how that could happen now.

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