Thursday, July 4, 2013


Since we've had the boat we've puttered around reading the big binder and cleaning out lockers and familiarizing ourselves with all the systems.
But today we finished two top priority items; new propane valves and the new name.
When we took possession of the boat the valves looked like this.
This week the captain sandblasted and painted the tanks, and replaced the switch and hoses. This is how the propane locker looks now.
We have learned that this is a triple safe system. First the "sniffer" determines if it's safe to turn on the gas. Then you turn on the gas at the tanks. Then you hold the burner in the "light" position for 20 seconds to warm up the thermocouple. We feel this is the safest way to use propane on a boat.

Also this evening we removed the old name, buffed out the transom and put the new name on.

So those are our priorities today. And tomorrow we plan on going out to Mandeville Island to watch Baron Hilton's fireworks. Happy Fourth of July!

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