Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shoes....Let's Get Some Shoes

Before we went cruising I used to buy good quality, sensible shoes and wear them forever. I didn't buy cheap shoes, but I also didn't buy a lot of shoes, so it all worked out.

I set off cruising with a couple pairs of sandals, a couple pairs of running-type shoes, and a pair of heels (which I've never worn). Oh, and a pair of snow boots, and a pair of dress boots.

What you really wear everyday while cruising is sandals or flip flops. As my sandals succumbed to the elements I replaced them with super cheap flip flops. My latest pair cost $3.99 in Panama and are still serviceable after months of hard use.

When we arrived in Florida I thought I should get nicer looking shoes so I bought this pair of Crocs which cost like $40.00. I've been wearing them daily for only two months and today on the way to the mall they broke!

I'm sure everyone has had a shoe failure at some point in their lives, but mine could not have been at a worse time. We're in Costa Rica with no tape, glue, or tools, I was walking to the grocery store, my Spanish is not that good, and they were the only shoes I brought.
Luckily, the grocery store is inside a mall (odd how they do that in these Central American countries) and there is a Crocs store in the mall. I shuffle/flopped in and tried to describe my dilemma. They seemed sympathetic and asked me where I had purchased the shoes. It took me a while to remember, but I eventually came up with "Florida" and they groaned, "Flor-ee-da? We can't warranty them."

So I had to buy another pair of the world's most expensive flip flops. I should have stuck with the super cheap flip flops from Panama.

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