Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Damage

Yesterday morning we walked into town to rent bicycles. On the way we walked by the fort where we could see the high water mark and wayward docks.

All along the streets in the oldest (and lowest) part of town we saw downed trees and telephone lines, stacks of soggy furniture, and piles of branches and debris as the residents work to get back to normal.

We made our way to the south end of Marine Street where nine boats ended up including our friends' boat La Luna. It has no hull damage, but is a long way from deep water. It will be a challenge, but somehow they will get her floating again and continue their adventure.

And here is our damage. With so much devastation all around us, we are thankful that our damage was minimal, but feel almost guilty when we look at other folk's problems.

NOAA has posted new satellite images of the aftermath of Matthew.  Google "NOAA Hurricane Married Imagery". This is the area where nine boats from the St. Augustine Municipal Marina ended up.

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