Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Trip to the Mall

We can see the mall from our hotel room in Escazu, Costa Rica. It's a short walk and I made it nearly every day to buy groceries or just to get out.

But here in Costa Rica things are different than back in the US of A. The sidewalk stops when you get to the underpass so you have to walk in the street along the guard rail.

Then you have to cross this little bridge over the river. One could cross the street and use the safer sidewalk on the other side of the yellow barricade, but crossing the street requires stepping over the guard rail and dealing with more traffic, so we just walked in the road.
And besides, if you walked behind the barricade you wouldn't get this great view of the river gorge 100' below. Just over that 30" tall guardrail. Shear drop. Creepy.

Luckily, the lanes are wide and the traffic moves slowly along here.

Almost back; see the hotel in the distance? Even though we have been without a car for two years and have gotten used to walking or bussing everywhere, there are times when I really miss my car.

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