Saturday, July 2, 2016

Zodiac Repair Part 3

We are down to the home stretch on our dinghy repair. This morning we primed the outside of the transom and glued the bottom onto it. We used the skewers again to hold the adhesive apart until we were ready to press it down. It was really hard to get the bottom in exactly the same place it was before; I can't imagine how it could be done without the skewers.

After pressing it together, we hammered it down firmly.

The last piece to attach is the inside flap of the bottom. Again, primer (Hypalon adhesive) was applied to the wood, then PVC adhesive was applied to both surfaces.

And finally, the last piece was glued down about noon, so we can use the dinghy again on Monday at noon. We plan to only row it for the first week because the adhesives take a week to fully cure, then if everything looks good we will use the outboard motor. We'll post an evaluation of our repairs in about a week.

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