Sunday, July 31, 2016

ABI Hinge Repair

We have at least thirty pairs of these ABI hinges on our boat and over the years some have gotten corroded. I try to keep them clean and lubricated, but recently the pins broke on two of them. I searched and searched online for replacements, but couldn't find them.

I asked the good women at WWS if they knew where to find them and a Hallberg Rassy owner said they could be found on the HR site. They looked really close, but after waiting three weeks for an answer regarding size, cost, and shipping (and never getting an answer), we decided to just repair them.

We knew we had to push out and replace the broken pins, so first we drilled a pilot hole in the back end of the hinge,
and then we drilled out a hole the size of the pin itself.

Next we heated the hinge over our propane stove,
and hammered out the broken pin.

Now we just have to find a replacement for the pins. It shouldn't be too difficult to find something at Home Depot that will work. The hinges were closed on both ends so we'll also need to put a dab of epoxy or sealant in the end of each hinge to keep the pins from working out, but so far we are pleased with the hinge repair.

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