Friday, July 22, 2016

Nautical But Nice

In our numerous bicycle trips up and down US 1 we have seen this shop and wondered what was inside. Yesterday we stopped and we were surprised. The store looks like it could sell old, used marine stuff, but in fact sells crafty, new, beachy-themed items. I LOVED it, but I don't think the Captain was all that thrilled. However, he did enjoy the air conditioning, so I was able to peruse the whole store.
They have table decor for virtually ever ocean theme you can imagine: sea stars, coral, mermaids, sea horses, anchors, crabs, shells, fish, and turtles.
They also sell shells, artwork, signs, clothing, and pillows. There were some old items, and a few really weird things like little dried alligators too.
And here's what actually drew us in: this Great White Shark hanging outside. It was cool, but I  hope it's the only Great White Shark I ever see.

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