Friday, August 11, 2017

Lame Verizon Coverage

I'm still experiencing problems with my Verizon service and although I've called tech support several times, no one has really helped me. Every tech says, "I totally understand your frustration", but seriously, unless they themselves use Verizon, they DO NOT understand my frustration and I wish they would stop saying that.

Verizon is proud of their coverage map, and they display it prominently in their advertising. Since I am right in the middle of a solid red area, I should get good 4G coverage, but I don't.

Verizon also has a coverage map where you can enter your address to see if their 4G coverage works in your neighborhood. Below you see the map for my location. Again, it shows solid red 4G coverage, but it's a lie, I tell you, a lie!  There seems to be a dead spot on our side of the street because we are not the only ones in the area with problems. If we walk across the street and sit on a rock in a landscaped area under the shade of a large tree, we can get a signal. That's what we did yesterday for an hour and a quarter to try to solve the issue. And after all that, they said they would send a technician to the area to check it out. Of course, no one will actually come to our door to help us; it's all done with cryptic emails and behind-the-scenes techie secrets.

The techs have a different lame excuse every time I call. The first excuse was "there's too much water around where you live". The second excuse was "you need a new SIM card". The third excuse was "you need to reset/restart/adjust your phone". The fourth excuse was "prepaid plans use a different network than postpaid plans". The fifth excuse was "there's too much water around where you live". And the sixth excuse was "were installing a new 5G network, and it's causing problems with the old 4G network". Why do they all use a different excuse and who tells them what to say?

Although it has been entertaining in a twisted sort if way, I'm tired of talking to the techs at Verizon, so I'm just going to cancel the plan and go back to AT&T. It's only marginally better, but at least I can use it in the front yard so I don't have to cross the street and sit on that rock.

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