Thursday, May 18, 2017

Library of Congress & The Capitol

The Library of Congress, with its fabulously ornate interior, was another great tour.

They have a Guttenberg Bible, 
lots of Thomas Jefferson's actual books,
the awe-inspiring reading room,
and classic mosaics. 

There was also an exhibition on "Exploring the Early Americas" with these Mixtec Incense Burners from AD 1200-1500,
and these 1589 maps of two harbors that we've visited on our cruise; St. Augustine, Florida,
and Cartagena, Colombia.

At the Capitol we visited the National Statuary Hall, also called "Old Hall of the House" because the House of Representatives met there between 1807 and 1857.
This painting by Samuel F. B. Morse (inventor of Morse Code) shows how it looked in the 1800s.
We also saw the Rotunda with statues of great American leaders.
Here is Robert E. Lee,
and Ronald Reagan.

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