Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our Old Savannah Tour

First, let me say in all my travels I've never seen a tour quite like this. Basically you pay to pedal yourself from pub to pub where you buy to-go cups that you drink as you pedal along. The driver does the steering and doesn't have to pedal, but he doesn't get to drink beer either.

We didn't do that tour.

We did this tour. It's a hop on - hop off historical tour that takes about two hours. It winds through the city along streets like this...
amongst homes like this...
past squares like this...
and churches like this.

Everything you pass is steeped in history. You can barely turn around without bumping into another historical marker, monument, or statue.
And everything is pleasantly shaded beneath the huge old live oaks, magnolias, and crepe myrtles. This city is gorgeous.

Remember Chippewa Square from yesterday's post? We learned that the bus stop bench where Forrest Gump sat was right where this sign is, so like good tourists, we took our picture there, then went back to the boat and watched the movie. Yep, that's the place!

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