Thursday, April 27, 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

A two day run up the ICW from Savannah brought us to Charleston, South Carolina. This giant pineapple fountain reminds us of the gracious southern hospitality typical in this part of the country.

Another typical Charleston thing is the "Charleston Single House". It's a narrow house with a porch on the south or west side, and an entry door to the street that leads to the porch. The parlor is in the front, then the entry hall and staircase, then a dining room, and in the back a kitchen. These homes are everywhere in Charleston, in every style (including modern interpretations) and every condition.

There are also a fair amount of homes with wrought iron balconies like you might see in New Orleans.

Today we visited the USS Yorktown at Patriot Point. Not only did we visit the aircraft carrier, but also the destroyer USS Laffey (the Ship That Would Not Die), and the submarine USS Clamagore. Malcolm enjoyed looking at all the old aircraft on the hangar deck and flight deck.

This destroyer is of the same class as the USS Cunningham that my Dad served on in WWII, so I took a photo of the radio room like the one where he served. At 90 he forgets a lot of things, but I'm sure he still knows Morse code.

We've realized that we need to move up the coast a little faster so tomorrow we are heading offshore for the run up to Beaufort, North Carolina. After that, we will go up the Chesapeake Bay.

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