Monday, January 30, 2017

One Month In

We've been working on the decks for one month now and we've gone from chiseling the teak off.....
and scraping polysulphide where the deck met the cabintops.....
to repairing sections of wet balsa core......

and incorporating the piece of deck that's under the caprail into being part of the caprail.

We've also had to route rabbets in the deck and reset the deck drains. We used "Bed-It" (a butyl tape) and are very pleased with it. We'll used it when we re-install all the deck hardware too.

We've skimmed lots of Bondo over the rough spots, and sanded off lots of Bondo.
And we think we are getting close to applying primer. As usual, this project has taken longer than expected, but we're doing it ourselves, and for some reason we can't work as hard as we used to. Go figure!?

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