Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jigsaw Planet

Hi, my name is Laura and I'm a puzzleholic.

When we were in Costa Rica waiting for the Captain to recover from his surgery, I was desperate for some entertainment other than the TV (which was all about the election) and I stumbled across Jigsaw Planet. It's a site where people create, share, and play jigsaw puzzles and it's totally free.

You can search for popular subjects, follow people, and spend hours just playing anonymously. Or you can start your own account and create your own puzzles to share with others.

I found the site to be a perfect diversion and played many colorful and interesting puzzles while we waited for the Captain to heal. When we came home I continued to do puzzles in the evenings and realized that since I take lots of photos, I could create an account of my own and use all my own photos.

So here's my account: Fortunes Afloat. Contrary to many accounts, these are all my own photos. I've gathered them from my old blog, my present blog, and my jaunts around town.
When you create puzzles you can adjust the number of pieces from 4 to 300. You can also select from seven different styles of cut and select "rotation" which forces players to not only find the piece, but rotate it before placing it into position. You can create albums of similar items that interest you. I have six: Food, Signs, Travel, Still Lifes, Boats, and Nature.

Another thing the site does (and I have no idea how they choose them) is to present "featured" puzzles that everyone sees and frequently plays. This gets you exposure and helps you get followers. And one of my puzzles, Custom Converse, was a featured puzzle today!

If you visit my account at jigsawplanet.com, you'll undoubtedly see photos from my blog, and others from St. Augustine. I hope you enjoy them, but try not to get addicted!

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