Monday, May 22, 2017

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is a repository of some of our nation's most famous works of art, like this portrait of Benjamin Franklin. In fact, all the Presidents' portraits are there.

It is also home to many other works of art like this huge Bierstadt landscape. Our hometown museum, the Haggin Museum, has several Bierstadt landscapes and I like him, but let's just say he took lots of liberties with reality.

These peaceful halls also house photos, sculpture, Shaker furniture, and sketches, like this self portrait by Katherine Hepburn. Who knew she was an artist?

My daughter's cat's opposite is even there.

These beautiful hallways were originally built for the Patent Office in 1836, and have seen many of our Nation's most famous shakers and movers.

After the Portrait Gallery we visited the Naval Heritage Building where we saw this cool bronze sculpture,
and this eerie stained glass panel of a sub threading it's way between mines.

I think we have visited everything we wanted to here in DC, plus we've done some maintenance; changed the engine oil, changed the impeller, changed the transmission fluid, all the fuel filters, cleaned sea strainers, and replaced a bilge pump switch. This stuff never ends, but it's so boring we rarely mention it.

Tomorrow we'll load up with groceries and head back to the Chesapeake where we will sample blue crab. Join us, won't you?

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