Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Albemarle Sound

Here is today's run up across the Albemarle Sound and into Virginia.

We left our anchorage at East Lake at 7:30am and threaded our way through hundreds of crab traps. The white and blue ones, and the white and orange ones were easy to see. The solid orange and solid red ones were okay, but the purple ones and the BLACK ones were a nightmare. What nut thought black crab trap buoys would be a good idea?

We were again joined by a parade of boats heading north now that the North Landing Swing Bridge is open again. We were passed by the same five trawlers that passed us yesterday. When we passed Coinjock we saw them all tied to the dock, drinking beer, and exchanging stories. Honestly, I don't know what news they could possibly have because the chit-chatted nonstop the whole way up.

We finally stopped for the night at a wide spot in the channel. Drinks were served, dinner was cooked, the sunset was photographed, and tomorrow we'll do it all again.

The commercial traffic in these narrow channels is interesting. Large tugs pushing barges run 24 hours a day. We've already seen two pass us this evening. We may only have 2.4' of water under our keel, but you can be sure we are out of the channel.

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