Thursday, November 5, 2015


After another upwind passage (but only 30 hours instead of 90 hours), we arrived in Bonaire. It is another small Dutch island with tourism as its major industry. The whole sea around it and out to the 200 foot depth contour is a protected marine park, with no anchoring anywhere, but plenty of mooring buoys for long term visits and special dive site buoys for up to 4 hours. To even snorkel here you need to purchase a $10.00 park pass and affix it to your mask so the rangers can tell if you've paid.

The island is home to a large colony of breeding Caribbean flamingos and also sea turtles. Numerous beautiful fish swim in the shallow water near shore and under our boat. Also under our boat are scuba divers day and night. It's kind of creepy to hear their bubbles on the hull when we are sitting below.

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