Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bonaire Island Tour

Yesterday we took a little drive around the island. Heading South from Kralendijk we arrived at the massive salt pans and the huge piles of salt waiting to be loaded onto ships.
Along this part of the coast are several obelisks. They are all painted different colors and many years ago served as markers for the various anchoring spots for the salt ships.
Bonaire is famous for its flamingos and we were lucky enough to see several. These mature ones were in a lake called Gotomeer on the North end of the island.
This immature flamingo has yet to attain his distinctive coloring. The coloring comes from their diet of brine shrimp.
These slave huts were provided for the salt pan workers. They are so tiny even I had to duck to get in the door.
But they had beautiful views towards the sea.
Another obelisk with a cruise ship in the background.
Being a Dutch island, windmills are used to transfer water around the salt pans.
 And this is the lighthouse at the South end of the island.

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