Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weekend at Isla Taboga

Our friends Wayne and Sheila on WaySheGoes II arrived from Golfito Friday afternoon and anchored at Isla Taboga. We and Seahorse V decided to go over there for the weekend to visit them. We had a relaxed dinner at the Chinese Restaurant Friday night. We enjoyed watching the geckos on the ceiling as we caught up with them and met their daughter Marnie.

On Saturday the locals started arriving for a fun day in the sun. Taboga is quite popular with the Panamanians because it's so close to Panama City. Beach umbrellas sprouted on the beach, music blared from boats, and kayaks and jet skis swarmed around. It was great to be out there enjoying the fine weather (read "no rain") with everyone. That evening we all enjoyed dinner together on Seahorse V and Sunday we went snorkeling around El Morro. It was great to get away from La Playita, see WaySheGoes II, and have our hilariously entertaining morning net again.

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