Monday, June 15, 2015

Transit Requirements

We have secured an agent to assist with our canal transit. His name is Peter Stevens and he has been an agent for many years so he really knows his stuff. He quickly arranged for us to be measured on Wednesday May 27th although we don't plan on transiting until June 23rd.

The total cost for transiting the Canal is $1416.70. The Canal toll is $800.00. The inspection fee is $54.00. The security fee is $300.00. The line and tire rental is $80.00. The actual agency fee is only $300.00, which we consider money well spent since Peter has made our preparations almost effortless. There is also a bank commission, some taxes, and some fax/telephone fees.

In addition to the fees and paperwork, a boat must have four line handlers besides the helmsman. Our friends Mike and Linda are coming from La Paz to transit with us, and we will use Steve from Seahorse V for our fourth. With the mandatory Canal advisor, that will make six people on our little boat. If your transit takes two days, the advisor doesn't spend the night, but your line handlers do. The Canal says you must provide "clean restroom facilities and decent meals" for the advisor and line handlers.

The final things we need to get are four 125' lines at least 3/4" diameter, and eight tires to act as fenders against other boats or the lock walls. Hopefully we will not get anywhere near the lock walls, but all the boats use huge fenders or tires when they transit. Peter's agency will provide these too.

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