Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We have been out cruising for over 6 months now and lots of things on the boat need attention so yesterday we made a long list of chores, repairs, and maintenance that we hope to finish while we are here in Panama City.

I am happy to report that I have already accomplished a few things on my list. So far I have printed out a shopping list similar to the one I used back home. Posted in the galley, one merely needs to circle what's needed as things are used. I've also fired up the new iPad and downloaded iSailor and charts of Central America and the Caribbean.

And I have done a little sewing, which is difficult on a bobbing boat. I mended three flags that had been frazzled by the wind and I finished an organizer for the forward cabin.

Our boat is the smallest 44' boat you will ever see and I am constantly looking for places to store things. The storage in the head is particularly stingy, so lots of toiletry items were relegated to the forward cabin. They were taking up precious cupboard space until I realized there was about 2" of space behind the door that wasn't being used. So I made this hanging organizer using scraps from the bedding fabric, some batting, and some screen material.
First I measured the space and figured the overall size of the organizer. Then I cut the fabric to that size, pinned the batting to the back of it, and started laying out the items it needed to hold. I ended up with six rows of pockets. Most have four pouches, but the bottom one has only three (for larger items), and one is full-wdth for an earring organizer. I made the pieces of screen about 5" wider than the fabric so that I could pleat them to create depth in the pockets. Each pleat is about 1/2" deep.
Here is the organizer hanging behind the door. When the door is open you can't even see it, but when the door is closed, the organizer holds everything you need for personal grooming and the mirror is right next to it. The only problem I've encountered so far is that on a starboard tack, it tends to swing into the door knob making it difficult to unlatch the door. Maybe some Velcro dots on the bottom corners will solve that problem.

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