Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Isla Taboga

Our buddy boats Delphinia and Seahorse V arrived at Isla Taboga on Sunday so we decided to go visit them on the ferry. The ferry costs $7.00 per person per leg, so we spent $28.00 to ride this fine craft across the gulf for 45 minutes (with the theme song of "Gilligan's Island" drifting through my mind the whole time).

Our friends arrived on shore shortly after we did and after enthusiastic greetings on everyone's part, we walked up to the "Internet Cafe" aka Chui and Susan's house. (They run the mooring field there at Isla Taboga.) Then we walked around the island checking out the scenery and eating lunch.

The Island of Flowers is a lovely, relaxed place with very few cars and a much slower pace than Panama City. Most of the homes are brightly painted, with lots of flowering plants in the yards. It's very picturesque and I think I'd like to go visit there again sometime. Since we don't plan on transiting the Canal until the middle or end of June, that is a distinct possibility.

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