Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Playing The Slots

Here in El Salvador we feel like we are playing the slot machines when we go to an ATM. We must have "played" five of them yesterday before we got any money. The problem seems to be in the amount we request. Apparently you can only get $100.00 at a time here. The funny thing is, we know there is enough money in the machines, because at one machine we were able to get $300.00, but it required three separate transactions.
Back in Mexico we routinely got 7000 pesos (about $450.00) at a time. We got as much as we could because they charge a fee of about $4.00 every time. If you get $100.00 five times, you are charged $20.00. If you get $500.00 only once you are charged $4.00, so that's why we try to get as much as possible in a single transaction. Well, that and the fact that ATMs are so few and far between; the closest one to the marina is 25 miles away.

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