Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Different Kind of Life

Some of you may think this sailing life we are living right now is glamorous and carefree. Some of you may think it is scary. Some of you may think it is just plain crazy. And all of you may be right (from your perspective), but we have found that it's none of those things at all.
It certainly isn't glamorous or carefree. We sometimes go days without a proper night's sleep or a hot shower. We frequently wear worn and grubby, salt-stained clothes. We often eat strange foods and shop in drab little tiendas. Everything we do is affected by the tides and the weather. We do all our own maintenance and repairs which frequently requires hours spent in places like this. Glamorous? Carefree? Not so much.

It's not that scary. The scariest times have been running across unlit fishing boats on night watches. (Oh, and hitting a whale. I guess I neglected to tell you about that, but it was a gentle nudge and we apologized profusely.) We haven't seen any storms, pirates, or sea monsters, and sailing through Mexico and Central America has been relatively easy and stress-free.
If it's crazy, then there are a lot of other crazy folks out here too, but they sure seem normal to us. They are helpful and kind and willing to lend a hand, a tool, food, supplies, or a shoulder to cry on. They are thoughtful, cautious folks too. They research the weather, harbors, and maintenance issues and are willing to share that knowledge with you. After all, their boat represents a large investment and is frequently their only home, so they aren't going to take chances with it. They may be adventurous, but they aren't crazy.
We have found the sailing life to be busy yet peaceful, challenging yet rewarding, wacky yet satisfying. We tackle each passage and each day not knowing what it will bring, but open to change and new adventures, often finding at the end of the day that we have had wonderful experiences along the way. 

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