Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stuck in Turtle Bay

We had a nice drive down the coast with calm seas and no wind. Only a few bits of excitement on the second day. The first bit was having to clean the fuel separators, which is totally expected out on the ocean. The second bit was the autopilot stopping, which is a huge bummer because we had to HAND STEER. But we soldiered on. Then that evening when we were preparing dinner, two fish hit and a little circus ensued and dinner was really late.

But the best part has been our unexpected crew; Mike and Linda. We have known this couple for over 30 years and they had planned to crew on another boat, but that boat's owner had a problem and backed out at the last minute. So they hopped on our boat and we have had a good time with lots of laughs. Thank goodness they have no schedule either, and are laid back, so this delay in Turtle Bay is no problem.

Since we have been here, we have topped off the fuel tanks, topped off the water tanks, repaired the autopilot, gone grocery shopping, and taken showers at the hotel. Today we plan to walk out to the church and cemetery and see how they celebrate the Dio de los Muertos here in Turtle Bay.

The reason we are stuck here is because there is a tropical disturbance (Vance) way down south that might give us some high winds. We are waiting to figure out what it's going to do before we continue. So don't worry about us; we are being cautious.

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