Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Haircut, Groceries, Chores

Since we have been in La Paz we have washed the boat, filled the water tanks, done laundry, gone to the open air market and the big grocery store, adjusted the rpm of the generator so it will run the refrigeration dependably, watched the awards ceremony for the Baja 1000, eaten at lots of street vendors, and gotten a haircut.
Here's the before of the furry old captain....
and here's the after. The haircut was only 120 pesos, or about $9.00.


Anonymous said...

Miss you! But glad you're having fun!! <3

Kevin Laughton said...

I keep trying to track you on marinetraffic.com but can never find you - is there a call sign or something I need? I wish you the best of luck non your adventure and remind you that a warm welcome is awaiting you in Manchester.